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Optional Features

Jive's Canadian based Hosted PBX plans are powerful to start, but you can enhance and expand upon your service's functionality and sophistication with these optional features. All features can be added or removed at any time. Please browse our options below and simply Contact Us at any time with any questions. Feature prices shown are per month, with per-minute rates where applicable.

Call Queueing

Call queues are used when you have multiple customer calls but only a limited number of staff to answer these calls at any time. For instance you might receive four callers who want to speak with a sales representative but you only have two sales representatives. The first two callers will be connected to your sales representatives and the remaining two callers can remain on hold waiting for the next available representative. Once a sales representative is free they will receive the next caller. This feature has many different options which will fit your business needs, and its settings can be easily customized via our customer account interface.

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Call Recording, Server-Side

Using our server-side call recording feature, you can automatically have all calls into your company recorded. There is no need to manually record selected calls. The recordings are stored in digital files and uploaded, again without manual intervention to your Dropbox account. Listen to your recorded calls right from the web portal.

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Conference Bridge

You can use this feature to host a large number of callers in a two-way conference, or also to host information sessions in which callers can join your conference call but can only listen to you make a presentation. As conference administrator you can set a PIN and then distribute it to the participants you expect to join. You can choose either a local or a toll-free conference bridge (note that the per-minute rate for toll-free bridges is 6¢).

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Fax Service

With Jive's Fax service, you get a dedicated fax telephone number and automatically receive your faxes in your e-mail inbox. There is no need for a fax machine. You can also send faxes digitally, through our customer account interface. This service provides for an unlimited number of received and sent faxes (subject to fair usage policies).

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International Virtual Numbers

Add international telephone numbers to your account from over 30 countries worldwide. Calls to your international virtual number can be answered from anywhere or be used with an automated attendant to direct callers to specific employees or departments. There are no per minute charges when someone calls your international number, everything is included for a flat monthly fee.

Rates for international numbers vary; please see our International Numberspage for more detail.

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Local Virtual Numbers

Your Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking plan may already include one or more local virtual numbers. However, you can easily add more, at a low fixed-rate cost and with no limits on the amount of incoming calls. You can select your new local numbers from thousands of rate centres across North America. Pricing based on volume of numbers purchased; speak to a representative to obtain pricing for your specific application.

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Professional Voice Recordings

A professional sounding greeting or custom information on hold can make all the difference in the image you portray to your customers. We have professional voice artists who can create great sounding greetings which will give your telephone solution that polished sound. Prices vary by recording requirements; ask your representative for full details.

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Toll-Free Service

Do you have customers in areas that are physically far away from you? If so, and if you want to allow those customers to call you without ever incurring long-distance fees, consider our Toll-Free Service.

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Video Collaboration

Achieve a greater impact with sales calls, product or service demonstrations, or interviews. Communications that require visual contact are an excellent fit for Video Collaboration. For example, a sales representative demonstrating a new smartphone to a corporate customer could easily show him/her the benefits of the device, visually and in real time.

Another highly beneficial application of this feature is increased ease of screening prospective new employees. Where in-person meetings are not convenient, or where managers are tasked with hiring staff who will work remotely, video calls offer a superior means of gauging a prospective employee's personality and demeanor.

Potential cost savings make the solution even more attractive. Typical Video Collaboration solutions are offered on a per-minute basis, and thus can potentially represent significant monthly fees. Jive customers, however, can add video capability to their Hosted PBX service for a very affordable, flat-rate monthly fee.

This feature is easy to set up and simply requires a soft phone, microphone and webcam.

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Virtual Calling Card

The virtual calling card feature is great add-on service for mobile employees who make long distance calls on their cell phones or from hotels. Employees can simply call your main telephone number and then enter their PIN number to make a long distance call. It's also possible to have a separate phone number for virtual calling card purposes in another area; ask your representative for details.

This lets you bypass the long distance rates charged by a hotel or cell phone company in favour of our lower or even free (depending on the area you are calling) long distance rates. When using this feature your office telephone number and name will be shown to the other party so that it appears you are calling from the office rather than your cell phone or a hotel.

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