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Soft Phones

Soft phones are often ideal for mobile business owners and their employees. So long as you have a computer (usually a laptop) and an Internet connection, you can start using soft phones to access our service right away!

Because they run on a computer, soft phones are extremely portable. If you regularly take a laptop with you when you travel, simply install the soft phone on that laptop and carry a USB headset with you. It's so much easier than trying to transport a physical phone!

We recommend the Bria suite of products. Please note that this software is developed and sold by a separate company. We can provide technical support for using the software in conjunction with our system, but these are not our products and any additional questions/concerns should be directed to the manufacturer. Some features advertised by the manufacturer may not be compatible with our service and we cannot support or troubleshoot these features; if you require details please speak to your representative.

Bria Softphone


The most powerful and fully-featured softphone currently available, Bria offers industry-leading functionality and an attractive, intuitive interface. Bria is available on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. It's also offered on smartphones such as Android and Apple devices.