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Jive Video

Video conferencing and collaboration in the cloud.

Jive Communications provides organizations of all sizes with cloud-based video conferencing solutions. Connect with clients and co-workers alike with direct point-to-point conferencing or multipoint virtual meetings. Jive Video enables real-time collaboration, improves decision-making, and reduces travel expenses.

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Take Video Conferencing to the Next Level

Jive offers multiple video conferencing options designed to help your organization link multiple office locations, increase mobile collaboration, and eliminate unnecessary hardware and costs. Features and pricing for these options are listed below.

14-day Free Trial

For a limited time, take Jive Video Pro for a free 14-day test drive! Register today, as this is a limited-time offer!

Jive Video Pro
Jive Video Professional is a multipoint, enterprise-grade video collaboration suite.
HD videoBullets check green
Point-to-point videoBullets check green
24/7 customer serviceBullets check green
Up to 25 attendeesBullets check green
HD content sharingBullets check green
Group text chatBullets check green
Room system interoperability (H323 & SIP)Bullets check green
Active speaker identificationBullets check green
Free mobile apps (iOS/Android)Bullets check green
Mac and PC compatibleBullets check green
Reservation-less virtual conference roomsBullets check green
Browser-basedBullets check green
Display up to full screenBullets check green
Video muteBullets check green
Audio muteBullets check green
Conference control dashboardBullets check green
Conference control statusBullets check green
Record meetings*Bullets check green
Starting at $64.95/month

Feature List

Jive’s HD video conference solution delivers a suite of visual collaboration tools and features that include:

  • Click to connect
  • HD content sharing
  • Browser-based management portal
  • Conference controls—mute, roster, share
  • Group text chat
  • HTTPS supported
  • SIP security
  • Host and participant
  • Always-available virtual conference rooms
  • Room system interoperability (H323 & SIP)
  • Active speaker identification
  • SIP security
  • Full-screen display
  • Video and audio mute
  • Record meetings
  • Free mobile apps (iOS/Android)

Meet face-to-face anywhere in the world.

Take your meetings to the cloud. Use Jive Video for face-to-face collaboration in your office, at your home, or in the airport. Stream virtual meetings anywhere, at any time, across any network, using any mobile device.
Video 2 meet globally

Video 3 scale efficiently

Scale without hardware.

Jive Video is delivered via the cloud, allowing you to offer video-conferencing capabilities to new employees without an expensive hardware outlay. All you need is an Internet connection and a mobile device and you’re ready to join a virtual meeting.

Share and collaborate in real time.

With Jive Video, you can dispense with sharing documents and other digital resources via email or other means prior to meetings. Conveniently display documents to all video conference participants with a simple click of a mouse.

Video 4 share real time

Video 5 accelerate business

Move faster without leaving your chair.

Overcome common communication roadblocks by using Jive Video. At-your-fingertips video conferencing enables faster decision-making and real-time collaboration, empowering you to act swiftly on business priorities.
*Coming soon.

How to Order

Simply fill in your details on our quick and easy Quote Form. A representative will contact you shortly to scope and build your conferencing solution.

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