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Love Jive? Refer a Client to Jive anywhere in the USA or Canada, and if they sign up for our award winning Hosted PBX service for Business, we'll reward you with a Best Buy Gift Card for $50! Just fill out the form below with the contact details of the company you would like to refer to Jive. We will send your gift card via e-mail once your referral has signed up.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send us.

  • 1 X Referral: $50 Gift Card
  • 2 X Referrals: $100 Gift Card
  • 5 X Referrals: $250 Gift Card

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A member of our sales team will contact your referral shortly with a personalized quote. Once the referral signs up for service we will e-mail you your gift card. Feel free to continue browsing our website. The sections below may interest you.

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