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Canadian based Hosted PBX Benefits

Jive provides you with many benefits over traditional telephone service. Our solution lets your employees work from anywhere while remaining completely connected to each other. It doesn't matter whether you have a home office or a company with offices across the country, we will provide you a solution that uniquely fits your business needs. Have a look at the following benefits of using the Jive solution:

Your Office Becomes Completely Virtual

Your staff can break free from the confines of the office by receiving calls, checking voicemail or getting notification of new messages anywhere. Jive is a completely virtual office phone solution. This means that when a customer calls your main telephone number they can reach your staff no matter where they are. You can receive your calls at home, at the office, on a laptop, at a hotel or on a cell phone. With our Find-Me/Follow-Me features our solution will locate you automatically by simply specifying places where you can be found. As an example, one of your sales people could have a telephone at the office and at their home office. When a customer calls the sales department both of these telephones will ring and the sales person can answer the call at either the office or at home. Employees can install a virtual telephone on their laptops and make/answer calls from the comfort of their hotel room.

You can also setup virtual local phone numbers in other cities that you wish to do business in yet receive your calls anywhere. You may want to setup a virtual office in Vancouver, BC and have all calls routed to your office in Toronto, Ontario.

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Project a Professional Image to Callers

Your company (big or small) should project a professional image which gives customers the peace of mind that their business is in good hands. Our professional voice artists can record a custom greeting which will introduce your company ("Thank you for calling Acme Worldwide...") and allow customers to access automated product information, hours of operation, or a specific department or employee. With this solution you can promote your products and services while callers are being transferred or are on hold. Custom information on hold is a promotion message which is used to let callers know about your products and services. Each employee will also receive his/her own personal voicemail box which allows callers to leave a message for a specific person. All your departments can have their own voicemail boxes ("Thank you for calling the sales department...") as well. Multiple departments can be answered by the same people using our call announcement feature which tells you which department the customer wishes to speak with before you answer the call. Using this feature you can answer the call with something like "Hello, thank you for calling the sales department, this is Mary speaking..."

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Never Miss an Important Customer Call

Our solution has no limit on the number of incoming or outgoing calls you can make and receive at once. Traditional telephone service requires you to purchase one or more telephone lines to handle incoming and outgoing calls, and when they are busy your customers can't get through. With our solution customers never receive a busy signal and can always reach you, which means better customer service and more sales. For instance you can have four customers calling you at once without the need to purchase four traditional telephone lines.

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Provide Better Customer Service

We can offer you many tools to improve the level of customer service in your organization. You will be able to transfer callers to the correct staff member to answer their questions. For instance if a caller wants technical support for a product they purchased you can transfer their call to a specific person or department. Because our solution is completely virtual the person or department you transfer them to could be working from anywhere. Departmental Ring groups can be used to direct callers to a number of people at once. If a customer wanted the sales department our solution can call a number of different employees at once. We also offer call queuing which places a customer on hold while they wait for the next agent to become available. Employees can also have direct phone numbers assigned to them to allow customers to reach them quicker. Live operator extensions can be used to assign employees to answer incoming calls during business hours rather than the automated attendant answering first. Customers can also press 0 at anytime to reach an operator while interacting with the automated attendant. Day/Night mode will let customers know when your office is closed. Our solution allows you to host conference calls which can be used for training and sales purposes. Toll-free numbers can be used to create a national presence allowing your customers to reach you without incurring long distance charges. Being able to receive voicemail/voicemail notification from anywhere means you can respond to customers quickly.

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It's Simple to Setup and get Started

This solution requires no complicated hardware or telephone lines to be installed, instead this solution is hosted offsite and fully managed and maintained by us. Traditionally you had to purchase and maintain expensive hardware to run your office telephone solution, but with Jive this is no longer required. We setup the entire solution for you, all you have to do is answer the phone.

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Keep your Existing Phone Numbers

When you switch to Jive you can keep your existing local and toll-free numbers. The process is simple, once you sign an authorization form we will transfer your phone number to our service. There will be no interruption in your telephone service. If you don't have a local or toll-free number we can assign you a new one. You can also get local numbers in other cities but receive the calls anywhere, this is great if you wish to create a local presence (such as a west or east coast sales office).

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Reduce your Telecommunications Costs

There are many ways we can reduce your monthly telecommunications costs. You can use the virtual calling card feature to call customers long distance from your cell phone by making a local call instead. Many companies have extra telephone lines to handle peak call volume, but with our service you reduce this unneeded expense. Traditional telephone service is sold with unlimited local calling, but if you make mostly long distance calls then it makes little sense to pay monthly for unlimited local calling. You can eliminate long distance charges when you call employees in other parts of the country as long as they have one of our digital office telephones or a laptop/computer. For instance if an employee is working in Europe you can call them for free on their digital office telephone or virtual telephone. Call us and we can customize a package that is right for your business.

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Your Company will Never Outgrow this Solution

Jive will grow with your business without the worry of dealing with telephone equipment or telephone lines. You will never have to worry about having enough telephones lines to handle your callers as our solution provides an unlimited number of lines. In fact you can take your phone number anywhere you want even if you move your office across the country. Adding new employees is easy, we take care of everything for you.

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Receive Voicemail Notification Anywhere

The notification of new voicemail can be received on your cell phone, pager, blackberry, on your telephone or via e-mail. If you are using one of our digital office telephones your message waiting indicator light will flash when you have a new message. You can also listen to your new voicemail via e-mail from your computer or log into our website to check it online at any time. Checking voicemail from a regular telephone can be accomplished by calling your main telephone number or you can press the message button on your digital office telephone. No matter where you are you will be able to respond to your customers quickly.

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Connect Branch Offices Together Easily

Connecting branch offices together has never been so easy. Using our solution you will be able to create a unified presence among your staff in other offices. Calling another employee is as easy as calling their extension and you can transfer callers between staff in other offices. Incoming calls can also be routed to different people in different offices, so your sales team could be split up among four different offices.

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Set up Virtual Offices in Other Cities

Jive lets you setup virtual local telephone numbers in other cities where you do business. This gives you a local presence while allowing you to answer calls from anywhere. For instance you could have a local telephone number for Vancouver, BC but answer your calls at your main office in Toronto, ON. This is a great feature for advertising in the local business directories to generate local sales.

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