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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most commonly requested Support items. Simply choose the topic that interests you, and then click "Read More" to view the page dedicated to that topic.

1. Soft Phone Setup

Jive offers support for the Bria suite of soft phone products. This brief topic page will show you how to get a setup walkthrough guide for each.
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2. Add New Employees to Service

When a new employee starts working for your company, you will need to set them up with phone service. They will either take over an extension, or you can create a new one.
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3. Mailbox Management

Managing mailboxes is a straightforward process with Jive. This topic explains the most common changes clients make to mailboxes, and how to perform them.
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4. User Management

Separate from adding new employees to the service is keeping your existing user list in order, including adding, deleting, and changing users. Learn how here.
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5. Assign or Reassign a Device

As employees join, leave, or change roles within your organization, you may need to assign or re-assign phone devices. This topic covers the process in detail.
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6. Sounds Manager

Learn to use our Sounds Manager. This topic covers creating a new sound, recording it via phone, and using it in your call flow.
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7. Change Custom Hold Music Volume

Once you have created your custom music on hold, you may wish to adjust its volume. This is a simple procedure once you're familiar with the feature's location in our portal.
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8. Change Hold Music Genre

Jive provides a standard list of hold music genres to choose from. Here's how to quickly change the type of hold music on your account.
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9. Call Forwarding

This is one of the simplest but most common changes clients make. Read this brief tutorial to learn how to put call forwarding in place for a given extension, and also how to remove the forwarding when it's no longer needed.
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10. Add or Remove Phone Numbers (excl. porting)

This topic covers how to request that EOP add new phone numbers to your account from inventory, and how to remove existing phone numbers. This is separate from number porting.
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11. Voicemail Management

Our Voicemail User Guide walks through common tasks, such as setting up your voicemail box, checking messages, recording greetings and more. You can access the guide via the link below.
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12. Change Caller ID

You can set the outgoing caller ID for each extension in your company, to any of the phone numbers you have with us. Learn how in this quick guide.
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13. Hunt Groups: Add or Remove Extensions

Assigning staff to hunt groups, or removing them, is simple and fast with our interface, with literally only one click required. See how here.
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14. Mailbox Routing

You can select which mailbox a call will end up in if a call is missed. This guide will also show you how to select No Mailbox, if you do not wish to use voicemail.
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Optional Features

We also have a variety of Optional Features to further expand your Hosted PBX service. These include:

See our full Features list at the link below.